Friday, May 12, 2017

little crochet bags and Robert Miles - Children [Dream Version]

How're you, dear readers? All of you work with your crafts?
I have not posted anything for nearly two months,
but I have not stopped doing my stuff.
I've made some little crochet bags ...

I did these little crochet bags two months ago
but I have not been sufficiently inspired to sew zippers
until this week ...

They are very useful to carry them to the handbag
and thus maintain a certain order ...

And most important: they are light, do not weigh much
and we can make it with different colors ...

These crochet bags can be used to keep school supplies,
also for crochet tools and sewing tools, for makeup,
also for sunglasses ... they are very versatile!

To make these bags I worked with 3mm crochet hook
and yarn COTTON NATURE 2.5, of Hilaturas L.M brand.
You want to see the tutorial?  santapazienzia (here)

Work in progress of granny stripe blanket ...
if I can make crohet a few days,
I will show it soon here on the blog ...

I have also done some sewing works:
here I've repaired these pants for Carlota.
She said me she wanted two hearts with the thread pink ...

Robert Miles, died this week cancer victim.
Thanks Robert, for create one of the best electronic themes ...
Children, published more than 20 years ago
and feel authentic as the first day ...
this song has accompanied me for more than 20 years
and will continue forever with me ...
thank you for being a part of my soundtrack ...
thanks forever, Robert ... good trip to the stars ...

And thanks to you, dear reader,
thanks for your visit.
I wish you a nice weekend

See you soon ...

Cancer is a blight worldwide.
Many families have suffered 
from the disease or have to live
with it daily. It affects rich, poor, children, people of all ages.
Surely you know of any association,
a hospital or any initiative to help.
Make a small donation for research
can save many lives.


  1. Lovely bags!! They look so professional and pretty.
    Can't wait to see the finished blanket!! Love the colours!!
    Have a nice weekend, Sigrid

  2. Your crochet bags look very neat...well done on the zippers! Love your bright new crochet blanket too! Nice to see you Cristina...have a happy weekend.
    Helen xox

  3. Lovely. I have to overcome my fear of sewing zippers :-)

  4. Tão bonitas as tuas bolsas! Gosto tanto! E as cores da manta fazem tão bem aos olhos ;)

  5. Your crochet bags are!!!


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