Saturday, June 24, 2017

crochet mandalas, a bag and NEUMAN - Jane

Hello, dear readers! Do you still follow me on the blog?
Lately I do not publish with assiduity,
although I have continued working with the crochet ...

I love to create crocheted mandalas,
it's a crafts that is very nice to do ...

For to make these crochet mandalas
I worked with Drops Paris  and 4mm crochet hook ...

In this crochet mandala I have used only two colors
and I think that is also very beautiful,
what do you think ...?

I love watching these mandalas once they're done!
This color palette is so beautiful ...

I created these mandalas for to apply them on handbags ...

I can say that all the bags that I make last year
they are a great success and everyone who has received them
have liked it a lot, they are a very useful gift!

This week Carlota finished her stage of "Educació Infantil"
and she wanted to give it a gift for the teacher ...

A handbag for transporting school supplies, books, notes ...
an ideal gift for any teacher, do not you think the same?
Carlota's teacher was very happy with this gift! 

On my land this month it was extremely hot,
temperatures around 40ºC ...!!! Still, I was able to finish
the granny blanket that I had yet to finish ...
soon I will show you it here on the blog!

And to edit this post, today I've been listening to Neuman ...
of all his songs, my favorite is Turn it,
which I already shared a day with you.
But all his works are a delight ... the last ones,
Boystar and All That Matters there is still no video ...
so I share this one, I love this song ... enjoy!

Thanks for visiting my world of wool!
I wish you have a good entry in the summer days
and I hope that the heat does not diminish your creativity ...

Enjoy vacation time! with your family ... friends ...
a good book ... nature walks ... to travel ... the sea ...
I wish you can enjoy the summer days
in the way that you prefer and are more happier ...

See you soon!



  1. So good to see you again !~! Love the mandalas, especially applied to useful handmade bags. Truly gifts from the heart. Lovely. How's Carlota?

  2. Gorgeous colours, I love mandalas! What a great use on the bag. Thanks for showing us!

  3. I have never thought of putting Mandalas on a bag. Great crochet. Jo x

  4. It is so beautiful, lovely colors and Idea!


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