Wednesday, June 28, 2017

granny's stripe blanket and first day with sewing machine

A few days ago, I finished my last granny's stripe blanket.
This blanket not for me, it's a work that I make for a coworker ...

... one day she saw my first granny's stripe blanket
and she fell in love instantly ...
You can see it here, in the beginnings of this blog.
I love to make this type of crochet blankets,
you can see a similar blanket here

Since a couple of days that the temperatures descended
and too there have been summer storms,
an ideal time to show you this crochet blanket ...

I love summer storms ... the atmosphere refreshing a little,
and we can enjoy our terrace open air.
We can play better, read tales, make crochet ...

I enjoy my holiday time next to my precious daughter
who does not stop growing ...

She grows up and grows and she is already a small woman ...
the last weeks she has been claiming me the sewing machine
that Santa Claus gave it in last Christmas ...

I promised her that during summer school holidays
she can premiere the sewing machine ... and behold ...
SHE ... happy ... sooooo big ...
for her, there is nothing else in the world
that this precise moment ...

I have no words to express what she felt at that time ...
you can see happiness in her eyes ...
On Tuesday 27 June 2017 it was a great day!

Gràcies Carlota,
per tanta felicitat que em regales cada dia ...

T'estima, la mama

I love reading great poets ...

Thanks for all your words
I hope you've a great summer
full of good times ...

see you soon ....



  1. Hi Cristina :) I´m a granny lover! Beautiful colors in your stripe blanket.
    I can imagine the enthusiasm of your daughter with the sewing machine, a new world where it's possible to do lovely dresses for the dolls!!!
    Have a lovely day

  2. Your daughter is precious on her sewing machine. Good job teaching them young and passing down skills. Love your blanket.
    xx Beca

  3. I love granny stripes! I can't believe it myself, but I've even never made one!
    You've used great colours!
    PS: What a lovely little girl sewing!

  4. Me encanta la manta (tiene un colorido precioso) y tu niña es una monada, se la ve súper feliz con la máquina de coser ♥
    Un beso!

  5. Oh, your daughter is adorable, Cristina! And so sweet to see that love of crafting runs in your family. The blanket is so pretty.


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