Monday, September 4, 2017

crochet shawl for #canvidemans2017

I like to do crochet shawls, with the granny stitch,
as it happens to me when I make the crochet blankets,
it's a very relaxing craft and that distracts a lot the mind ...

This crocheted shawl is made with yarn Stylecraft Special DK
and I used 4mm crochet hook. It is perfect and warm for the winter!

The last days have already been a bit cold
and the weather is almost autumnal, this has been perfect,
an ideal time to spend a few hours with the crochet hook ... 

I made this shawl for participate in the second change of hands
( #canvidemans2017 ) organized by Alícia, from enganxetada ( here )
Moltes gràcies, Alícia, per convidar-me a participar!

 For those who do not know of this topic is,
it is an exchange of handmade things.
You know who person you does make the gift,
but you do not know who person will make the gift for you.
Always are handmade things plus some surprise ...
Very pretty and original idea, right?

In a few days a person will receive a surprise at her house ...
for whom is this shawl be? it's a surprise! it's a secret!

A very big hug, dear readers ...
And many thanks for your messages, many of them private,
messages of peace and love for my country ...
very sad days for the latest attacks
in Barcelona and Cambrils ... thanks ...

And thanks for visiting my world of wool ... 

Many kisses and many hugs
for all the sweet and good people
who live in this world ...

see you soon ...


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  1. Com m'agraden els teus chals. Quina sort tindrà la que ho rebi ... tot i que espero ser jo ;)
    Una abraçada.


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