Tuesday, October 24, 2017

crochet baby blanket and #helpcatalonia

I have no words to describe the anger and powerlessness
that I feel in the face of what make
in to my beloved Catalonia ...

Still more represion in my Little Country ...

Today and in the next few days
I not will write a lot words here on the blog ...

Impossible to predict where all this will lead ...

I am very sad ... very worried ... outraged ... nervous ...
I, and many other democratic citizens ...

By the way, this is a crochet blanket for a baby ...

Even in the saddest and most difficult times
we must know to seek and find nice things
to distract us ... breathing deeply and moving on ...



Thank you very much for all your support ...



  1. What a lovely color. I love acorn.
    Have a nice day
    Ezgi from ezgissimo.blogspot.com

  2. Nice blanket in happy colors. I hope that everything will be calm and people can live in peace. I think of all of you. ♥

  3. Love that blanket. Pray that things turn out well for Catalunya.


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