Wednesday, October 4, 2017

crochet shawl and #quenomèselspetonsenstapinlaboca

I'm in a state of shock ...
as if it were mourning ...
I am very sad for the events of October 1,
happened in my small country, Catalonia ... 

Due to the brutal police repression
that was received by hundreds of people
for the simple fact of to want exercising
their vote right or the right
to express themselves ...

But I'm also proud of being Catalan ...
I do not feel like talking these days ...
It's so sad ...

You can believe that my Instagram account
has lost almost 200 followers
in a few days because
I have expressing my ideas?
I DO NOT CARE!!! banalities ...

I have always tried to be respectful
with all the ways of thinking,
with all cultures ... always with respect ...
Respect for all citizens ...
I'm proud of good people ...
I love the good people,
the good people around the world ...

If you're a craft lover,
if you're in favor of human rights
and if you're against any type of violence ...
you're wellcome!!!
But if someone not feels comfortable
with my way of acting,
with my words ...
there is no problem:
if you want you can leave ...

 For the rest of followers
and new people that comes to here,
I'll continue as always with my crafts,
my blog, my Instagram account ...

And as always, I will makes crafts with love,
but from now on, with much more love ...
with much, much more love ...
for to counteract all the violence
that exist in this world ...







  1. WHat beautiful colours.

    Yes it's very sad. I have a friend who lives in Barcelona with her family. Thankfully they were not hurt.
    Hard to believe the police behaved so aggressively to people who were simply protesting peacefully.
    Hope things are peaceful for you in the future. God bless!

  2. Hello, I'm Dutch and was shocked and suprised to see the violence police used. Spain is a civilized country, but this, to me, is barbarian! People, living in a free country, should have the right to express their feelings without fearing the police. I wish all people in Catalonia and the rest of Spain peaceful times.
    Lots of love, Anja

  3. Unimaginable what happens. Why can not peace exist for everyone? I am also shocked how the police treat the citizens. It hurts my heart. I pray for you, the people in Catalonia and rest of Spain! Love, Tinne ♥

    1. I' m sorry, the scarf is very nice, i ♥ the colours !!!

  4. La gent ha vist la veritable cara de l'espanya opressora, jo visc al Regne Unit i aqui les noticies no han amagat res i han dit a les coses pel seu nom.


  5. Violence has never been and will never be the solutions for problems in a country. In a true democracy people have the right to expresse their opinions in words and in their crochet projects. In a true democracy it is also necessary that people really listen to each other and try to understand the different opinions. Talk to each other and find together solutions which are the best for everyone living in Spain/Catalunya.

    I wish you peace and all the best, Margaret


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